Data Protection Policy

Ontono takes data protection very seriously. We aim to meet and go beyond all our obligations as processors of your personal data.

If you suspect any data breach has occured, or suspect any security vulnerability, please contact immediately.

Our full data policy can be found here: data protection policy document

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small pieces of data a website might store on your web browser that can be used for various purposes.

Ontono uses only "strictly necessary cookies" and does not use "preference", "statistics" nor "marketing" cookies. As such, with regards to GDPR, Ontono does not require user consent. However, we will explain the current usage of our cookies here for your information.

Ontono does not, and probably will never target users for marketing or advertising (unlike many other websites). If there ever does become a need to deliver marketing to our customers, we will update this policy and request you to opt-in to any targetted advertising.

Ontono uses the following "strictly necessary" cookies: a session cookie, a csrf token cookie, and a websocket token cookie. The session cookie is essential and allows a website to keep you logged in while you browse, but without storing any sensitive information on your browser. This kind of cookie is very common and used widely in nearly all websites that allow users to login.

The second cookie is a csrf token cookie which stores a special kind of hard-to-guess secret which prevents a specific kind of security attack called "cross-site request forgery" attack. Basically this prevents another malicious website attempting to make changes to your data. Again, this is a ubiquitous type of cookie.

The third and last cookie is a specific cookie we use to protect browser communications that use something called web sockets. This cookie helps ensure that any websocket communications intended for you are received only by you.

Last updated on 24th October 2021