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Expert, Tutor & Mentor FAQs

These FAQs are for experts. If you are someone seeking an expert, you might find more useful info on our student faqs page.

Don't forget, you can always contact us if you have any questions.

Why use Ontono?

  • Ontono allows you to advertise your services for free. No fees for you or your students.
  • You get your own unique personalised link "". You can send this to your customers, put it on your website, add it to the bottom of your emails. This link gives your customers a direct way of contacting you.
  • Ontono video chat is the simplest way for your customers to speak to you. They open up your page, and click the call button. No fuss and connect in seconds.
  • Ontono credits allows you to share and earn from your expertise. Take calls to earn points, call other experts to spend them.
  • Ontono makes you visible to more potential customers. Add your details in your profile, especially in your services.
  • Ontono chat does not require your customers to download any software. All calls are done through a web browser.
  • Ontono prevents the need to give out your phone number, and avoids spam calls. With Ontono calls, you can charge a user for your time, by the minute ensuring your time is never wasted, and your customers are serious.

Can I become an expert?

If you are willing to help others, and are passionate about your profession or hobbie, then yes, absolutely!

What can I use it for?

You can use it for ad-hoc questions, or scheduled regular sessions.

How does it work?

Ontono makes it really easy to contact experts. They can find you in our search, or you can send them your unique and personal link which is "".

On this link, they will find a call button. If you are logged in to the site, there will be a call pop-up that you can accept or reject. You will also receive an email notification. You also need to make sure your availability toggle at the top of the page is green and says "available".

If you click "accept", you will enter a video call with the person. The rest is up to you!

Do I need training?

We offer training in helping people online. Please contact us on

What are Ontono Credits?

The 3D cube symbol represents Ontono Credits. They are free for everyone, but limited. You get 1,000 when you first register, then another 50 every day. You cannot buy them.

As an expert you can charge per minute in Ontono Credits. At the end of your call, we will transfer Ontono Credits to you account. Of course, you can use these credits yourself, and you can also use them as a proxy for your experience. In the near future we will be adding payment in proper currencies.