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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find more details specific to experts on our experts FAQs page and students on our students & parents FAQs page.

What is Ontono?

Ontono is a video chat tool to connect people with knowledge, to knowledge seekers. It is the easiest way to find experts, and just call them.

See our about page to read more about our purpose.

Who is it for?

Ontono is for any expert and any knowledge seeker, in any domain.

The experts could be teachers, mentors, trainers, professionals, or even advanced students.

How does it work?

Experts have Services, which explain what their skills are, and what they can offer. You can find these services using the search box on the home page.

After clicking on the expert, or the service, you will see a call button. When you click this, you will enter a video-call. If the expert accepts your call, they will arrive in the room, and you can begin discussing whatever you like.

How much does it cost?

There are no sign-up fees, or fees to use Ontono. However, experts may charge you for their time, which is usually per minute. Note that at the moment, all prices are in Ontono Credits. These are free credits; you get 1,000 when you first sign up, and 50 new credits every day.

As we continue to develop Ontono (based on your feedback), we will add the ability for experts to charge in proper currencies.

How do I call someone?

First thing you need to do is register, or login. Then find a person using the search. You can find them using their username or any text in their service. Once you have clicked on their service, you will see a button. If this button is grey, it means they are currently unavailable. If it is green, it means you should be able to call them. Just click the button!

What are credits?

Ontono credits can be used to call experts. They are free, but limited. This is to help ensure that people use each other's time wisely. An expert can allow people to call them for free, but they might also require a certain amount of Ontono credits. As an expert, you can earn credits, and then spend them yourself. 1000 credits are given to you when you sign up, and we periodically provide all users equally with more credits.